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A priori - DJ Class

  on january, 30th within the limits of a series of parties "password" in club A priori DJ Cass.
DJ Cass, Danny Howells, Paul Oakenfold Slam. Cass
" " "" house. , Cream, Spundae and Twilo. Cass Slide - Perception (Sashas Ibiza global underground), Opera Diablo. Cass Danny Tenaglia, Sean Cusick, Jimmy Van M, Lee Burridge, Satoshi Tomiie, Hernan Cattaneo, Tom Mangan, Andy Page
Despite all achievements in area andcass did not want to stop on it and has started to work with the british record-label flying rhino. soon it opens an own label with lee burridge and pete martin (slide) under name fire recordings. under their management the company quickly wins the international recognition. without being afraid to write down music which was not entered in a mainstream, fire quickly became one of the most known labels. debut disk cass and slides burning the candle at both ends, let out in april, 2010, became sensation. the album combines unique sound cass with music danny tenaglia, jason donovan and meat katie. cass has left fire in the summer of 2010 to create label sabotage the single "mind rewind" became which first release in january, 2010.

Benny benassi in tseppeline

23 Tseppelin DJ .

- DJ Marco Benass. 13 1967-. 35, - 25. 100
Alle Benassi, Alle, Benny - (Off Limits ), Larry Pignagnoli. "Satisfaction", Alle Benassi THE BIZ project.
Benny B - 10 2010. "Midem 2010", "Satisfaction". Benny Alle KMC feat Dhany (N 1 club charts UK) .
(2010) "BENNY BENASSI presents THE BIZ project". 'Hypnotica'. electronic body music. "".
Satisfaction :
Timo Mass -"I have it, crazy fuckin record....crowds love it!!"
Carl Cox -"Pure energy I love it!"
Boy George -"Dirty Electro house at it best"
Darren Emerson -"Norman Cook called abou this record and as soon as I heard it I loved it!"
Roger Sanchez - "Loved his mix of Tomcraft, his record is even better".
techhouse, electro. "ABLE TO LOVE", Benny Benassi - 2010 .

Presentation of an album of violy "you understand ?"

On january, 18th in r&b club "infinity" (street druzhinnikovsky, .15) will take place album presentation r&b singers violy "understand ?". - the experimenter, she "plays" with music, juggles with styles, to the classic with fashionable bit, filling all it is a bewitching, pathetic and stylish vocal, it works with live orchestras, mixes a traditional jazz and gipsynow style r&b, so popular in the west, starts to grow at us in the country. - the bright representative of this genre in russia. it is vital energy, sensual and many-sided. this music the best way to express the feelings. besides, no other style gives such rich possibilities for improvisation. - tells viola. style r&b is many-sided,at the same time it gives the most powerful charge of a drive. it is unique style incorporating so a large quantity of musical cultures. all songs of viola writes itself! it executes them in russian, gipsy, english and greek languages. r&b compositions in gipsy language sound unusually and interesting, this language possesses property to sound lyrically and passionately simultaneously .r&b rhythmical music, therefore not to do without stylish arrangements. the fine musician and arranger bruce, long time helps with this business of viole working, with untimely deceased, talented executor miheem. the new album of violy is called understand ?14 tracks will enter into this plate: the sensual, stylish compositions written by the performer. lyrical, emotional verses, fashionable r&b music, the pathetic vocal, it will leave nobody all violy indifferent to creativity. one of compositions on a disk - "ocean", is devoted memory of close friend violy, talented executor miheju. with work on this album it was helped by the fine musician and arranger - bruce, long time working in a command with miheem. a clip on a header song of an album you understand.? feodor bondarchuk has removed. the second song on which the clip has been removed - i love you (director hindrek maasik). on presentation are expected vip-stay: nemtsov, zhirinovsky, feodor bondarchuk, nachalova with the husband, detsl with the father talmatsky, prime ministers and .. all will congratulate the singer, as at it also birthday this day.

Is more careful on roads.

23.11.03 observed such picture three drunk (one girl and two guys) stand in the middle of the river jauzy. strongly tipsy campaign, leaving night club, it has decided to be taken for a ride in a car. consequences can be seen in a photo.

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